Discipleship. What Does it Look Like in 2008?

I want to do a sermon series on being a disciple of Christ in today’s world to our youth and young adults.
What are some things that people should know when it comes to being disciples of Christ?
What are some main points that I should make sure that I cover in the series?
What does a disciple look like to you?

How does Jesus’ model of being his disciple fit into our world today?
What are some things about discipleship do you wrestle/struggle with?

2 thoughts on “Discipleship. What Does it Look Like in 2008?

  1. Hi Joseph,
    1) I think that being a disciple of Christ is to give your all to him, and doing your best to live like he did.

    2) Some main points for me would be linking the above with the real world, and the issues which the youth have to deal with. E.g. relationships, music, drugs, etc.

    3) I think that discipleship in Jesus’s time was very different to church nowadays. It has become a bit ‘feminised’ now I think. There’s this book called ‘why men hate going to church’ which covers this well.

    Hope your series goes well! Let me know how it goes!

  2. I preached through the Sermon on the Mount for Lent, focusing on being “real followers” of Jesus. Borrowed the idea from Mike Slaughter at Ginghamsburg and Bonhoeffer’s “Cost of Discipleship” really helped kick start some ideas. We also celebrated Eucharist every week. Anyway, check out Matt. 5-7. What if we really took those words from Jesus seriously? Could that be real discipleship? I think so.

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