• Narrow Vision

    I spoke to a parent, the other day, who had concerns for her kids. I sat and listened to her intently. It was concerns that all parents have for their kids. It’s funny how, as kids, we can’t see where our parents are coming from. It took me years to finally see (and admit) that… Continue Reading

  • Question About Tithing

    Should a member always give his/her tithe to the church s/he has a membership in? Or would it be perfectly okay for that person to use that tithe to, say provide a warm meal to many homeless people, or some other cause?

  • In the Bathroom

    A year ago, I posted this. I do not see how washing your hands after bathroom use is not practiced often. I understand if you’re 7 years old. Anyway, I was supposed to help someone a while back with something. Before we were to meet, I had to use the bathroom. In the bathroom, this… Continue Reading

  • Should Pastors Avoid Certain Movies?

    I love movies. I love the whole theater experience. I like going to movies and I enjoy watching the trailers for upcoming movies. I like movies that make give me something deep to think about, that challenges me. I also love movies that are just popcorn movies. No thinking required, just sit and enjoy. I’m… Continue Reading

  • New Appointment

    I have received my new appointment. I am nervous and excited. I will share with you in more detail later. No more anxiousness or stress.

  • Books to Read!

    I bought a whole mess of books and don’t know where to start. I am currently reading Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White: Thoughts on Religion, Morality, and Politics But here are the books that I got: The Forgotten Ways The Gospel According to Starbucks 7 Practices of Effective Ministry They Like… Continue Reading

  • Off To California

    I am going to California to interview with a church that the cabinet thinks would be a good partnership. I’m nervous and anxious. But I trust in God. We’ll see what happens.