Too Much TV

Discipline, I lack.
I watch way too much TV. But I want to change that. I am trying to figure out what shows to eliminate from my life and use that time more wisely, say read more books or practice guitar more.

But since I like wasting time, here are the list of shows that I watch weekly. (ESPN and Sports are not listed. I need them. I do. It’s sad.)

Shows I Can’t Go Without:
Lost – yes, I’m a huge Lost junkie. I’ve already devoted 4 years into this show. I can’t stop now. Hands down, the best show on TV.
Scrubs – I wonder if being a doctor is fun as they make it. (Probably not). I wonder if a show about pastors could ever work…
Smallville – I know. I know. I know. But, I don’t know if this show is actually good, or if it’s because I can’t get over being a fan boy.
Office – Can’t wait until they come back!
Friday Night Lights – Why isn’t anybody watching this show? It’s great!
CSI – the original one. Still good. Better than any other of the CSI franchise.
WWE RAW – I can’t help it. It’s my day off (Mondays). Please don’t judge me.
Two and a Half Men – Their jokes are raunchy. And as embarrassing as it is to admit it, it’s precisely why I watch it.

Shows I Watch With My Wife:
America’s Next Top Model – she got me into this
Survivor – this too.

Shows on the Bubble (that probably should be given up):
American Idol – Not as great as it used to be
Eli Stone – It’s interesting, but I think I can do without it. But one episode really did get me thinking about prayer and how we view God. But so did “Horton Hears a Who”
South Park – as crude as the show is, they have good satires and commentaries about society (or am I justifying the show?)
House – It’s the same formula, no? Mysterious disease. No one knows what’s going on. 10 minutes left, House has an epiphany and solves the case.
Hell’s Kitchen – Really, how much reality TV can I take?

As you can see, I watch a lot of TV. And I hope that you don’t judge me on what I put in my head.
I think if I get rid of all the “On the Bubble” shows, I’d be more satisfied with myself.
I read that Jack Johnson has no TV in his house. I should work towards that as my final goal. But I can’t live without watching sports…

Anyway, what are the TV shows that you watch?
Or to make me feel better, what are the TV shows that you indulge in (the ones you’re embarrassed to admit you watch, but love)?

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