A Church’s Heart for Youth Ministry

I was asked by both the SPRC chairperson and the senior pastor to write a evaluation of what we’ve done so far as a ministry. The pastor wanted me to write about my frustrations and struggles I’ve faced up to this time.

So I had a lot of time to reflect and evaluate myself, the ministry, and the church as a whole.

And I probably am just over-generalizing. Or may be I’m nowhere close in my opinion. But I think we can evaluate how important the youth ministry is to a church by how church members who don’t have kids in the youth view the ministry.
Sometimes I wonder if senior pastors who have kids will show interest and love for the youth ministry once their kids are long gone from the youth group.

And here, it’s the small things that really bothered me throughout my experiences as a youth pastor.
Having someone approach me after our youth service asking us to end it sooner so that lunch can be served quicker.
Or another person coming up to me and asking me to end sooner because there are no seats outside of the courtyard.
Adults constantly walking in and out of the youth service to get whatever it is they need.
A parent coming up to me and requesting that I tutor her son in math, (I suck at math) and appalled that I turned her down. (Again, her son would’ve been better off with another tutor. I suck at math). She didn’t accept the fact that I wasn’t good at math. I never saw the family again after that Sunday. I hope wherever they went, they found a good pastor/math tutor.

We teach this to our kids, we’ve been taught this as kids, that actions speak louder than words. I think adults often underestimate how perceptive kids are. They know when they are genuinely loved by the adults. Kids aren’t as dumb as they look.

My advice to churches?
Show support and not just telling us you support us, if you really do support youth ministry.

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