Random Thoughts At Starbucks

  • I miss Murky Coffee in VA.
  • I think I spend an average of 7 dollars a week in Starbucks. That’s like 364 dollars a year. Yikes. I need to learn how to get work done in the public library or something
  • I like people watching. People are fascinating. But I can never muster up enough of whatever I need to approach people I see and talk to them. Even if they’re reading the Bible, because at least I have a topic to talk about…
  • I am becoming more and more anxious and nervous about what the future holds for me. It would be nice to know where I am going to be appointed to. But this waiting and waiting, though it’s driving me crazy, I am sure that I can learn a valuable lesson by waiting and being patient. Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord
  • Why is it always so dang freezing in Starbucks?
  • I eat too much junk food. I need to start exercising and eating healthier.

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