Steve Bartman

I recently heard this story on Sportscenter and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
When it first happened, I felt really bad for Steve Bartman.

The entire city blamed him for the downfall of the Cubs. And everyone talked about this for months on.
But what made me laugh was, 5 years after the fact, Moises Alou says that there was no way he could’ve caught the ball in the first place.
5 years!
Couldn’t he have come out earlier to give Bartman a little peace of mind?
Well, hopefully Steve Bartman can show face in Chicago once again, and maybe, be allowed to attend Cubs games once again without everyone threatening him for his life.

Ah, sports!
You gots to love it!

One thought on “Steve Bartman

  1. whatever. any real athlete can look at the picture taken of the event and see that the ball could have been caught.

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