Bart Campolo

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure to listen to Bart Campolo speak at the Aiea United Methodist Church.
Through his message, I was forced to look at, what I think, is my biggest short coming as a pastor: going to the people. He talked about how he had become really good at advocating the rights for poor people, raising money for the poor and so forth. He realized that after a while, he didn’t know any poor people. So he decided to relocate where he can actually go meet people’s need.

The truth is, those who wait for people to come to them (like me), the people rarely come. And it’s my biggest regret and mistake I have made at this church. And, I think I may be appointed elsewhere, it’s a harsh lesson that I learned through this church. I’m sorry it had to be at the expense of them, but I’m grateful that God made me aware of this huge flaw in myself.

Bart ended his message with this: “people may be beyond help, but no one is beyond love.”

I hope that I always remember that.

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