Cell Phone Carriers

My T-Mobile contract is up. Or has been for a long time.
I’ve been fairly satisfied with T-Mobile, but was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations for other cell phone services.
And what kind of cell phone do you use/recommend?

4 thoughts on “Cell Phone Carriers

  1. I’ve been using a Palm Treo with Verizon. I’ve never had a problem with signal coverage, but we’re thinking of switching to AT&T because they have roll-over minutes. We’re on the lowest level share plan and don’t begin to use all our minutes. Also AT&T cause I really want an iPhone. 🙂 As to phone, I like having my calendar and phone in one. I don’t have the data package cause it’s like $50 more (another reason for AT&T, it’s already included).

  2. I’ve been with Sprint for a while now. I just moved over to the Moto Q smart phone to have my calendar and email with me. The data plan w/ Sprint is as low as $15 and up to $30 if you want to watch tv with it–ummm…no. 🙂

    If you’ve been satisfied w/ T-Mobile, you might stay with them and then negotiate a great deal with them for your new contract and phone. I did that w/ Sprint and got $100 extra off my phone and 25% off of each months phone bill for 2 yrs!

  3. I have T-Mobile, and I use a blackberry 8320 (the Curve). I’ve got a voice/data plan that gives me 1000 anytime minutes (but no t-mobile to t-mobile, no nights and weekends) but unlimited TXT messages, internet, and email. This one device replaced my previous combo of Palm Lifedrive (for organizer/internet) / Motorola Razr (for phone), and it also supports google mail, google calendar sync (the phone’s calendar syncs to my google calendar online, and vice-versa, all over the air), google maps (with the pseudo-gps feature). All this costs about $75 / month, the only caveat is that I only get those 1000 anytime minutes for talk time (I’m not a big talker, so that’s OK for me…)

  4. i on a t-mobile family plan with my friend and it kind of sucks but my whole family and most of my friends are on it so i’m stuck. free calling t-mobile peeps is great. i spend most of my $$ on texting.

    my phone is a RAZR, piece of crap but it’s still somehow working.

    i guess if i had a choice and money to, i’d probably get an iphone/at&t, cause that’s just too cool.

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