5 Day Fast

Last week, I went on a five day fast.
The main reason was my upcoming appointment and that God will lead me to the right place. Also that I will listen to make sure that it is his will and not mine.
It was also a time to remind myself about the 20 days I am supposed to do, but couldn’t for various (and legitimate) reasons.

It was time well spent. It made me look again at the “man does not live by bread alone” verse.
Though I was physically spent and tired, especially by the last full day, there was a joy in me that couldn’t be extinguished.

I still don’t know what my fate is. And the cabinet was meeting this week. But I am not as anxious and nervous as I was before. I know that God’s behind all of this and the cabinet members as well.

I think fasting is an important spiritual discipline, and something that we can learn and gain from. I don’t recommend that you go all crazy like my family, but I really would urge you to consider fasting. And fasting isn’t limited to just food. I think a media fast would help clear my mind a great deal.

The funny thing was, even though it was only five days, my body felt a lot heavier and I was a lot more tired after my first meal. I just didn’t want to get up and do anything, which was horrible because I broke fast last Sunday.

Yesterday, I got the okay to start eating whatever I wanted to. (From Sunday to Tuesday, my meals consisted of “jook” (Korean porridge) and fish. (I hate fish). After the okay from my dad, I finally got to eat pizza for dinner. But today, oh yes today, it’s time for a burger and some fries.

God is good.

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