Waiting Game pt. III

Slowly, I feel that some clarity is emerging.
But the problem I was facing was that I had too many choices.
And late last week, it dawned on me: Who am I following?
And I had this uncomfortable sense of feeling that I was desperately trying to make my own path, trying to impose my will.
Perhaps that’s why nothing was happening, leaving me more frustrated and anxious.

But I made amends. I woke up. I apologized. And I submitted.
As soon as I did that, the strangest thing happened: I felt peace.
At the rate I was going, I may have ended up at Tarshish or worse, thrown off the ship as I made my way there.
I don’t know where my Nineveh is, but God, you have my full attention now, and I will go where you go.

Speaking of going, I get to go to California next Monday.

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