Leaving Your Cell Phone Behind

It’s a funny thing.
When I forget my cell phone at home or in the car, for the first few minutes, I panic.
What if I miss an important call (especially during the appointment season)?
What if I get stranded somewhere and I need to make a call?

Then after the first moments of panic, a sense of relief comes.
I don’t have to answer the phone! Freedom!!
I literally do feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders.
They’ll just have to leave a message and I’ll get back to them when I find my cell phone.
I can concentrate more on the work ahead of me, and not worry about being interrupted with all these phone calls.
It is a sort of freedom not having that thing on me.

I go home and find my cell phone.
A lot of times, I find that I didn’t have a missed call at all. The entire day. Which, for some strange reason, makes me feel sad.

Stupid cell phones. I hate the way they make me feel…

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