In the Bathroom

A year ago, I posted this.
I do not see how washing your hands after bathroom use is not practiced often. I understand if you’re 7 years old.

Anyway, I was supposed to help someone a while back with something.
Before we were to meet, I had to use the bathroom.
In the bathroom, this gentleman walks in and uses the urinal right next to mine, when other urinals were available.
After finishing, I went to the sink to wash my hands.
The guy walks right out. Without washing his hands. My only hope was, “man, I hope he doesn’t work here.”

I walked out of the bathroom, and I see the person that called me to meet his friend.
As I was being introduced, the friend reached out his hand to shake mine.
It was the non-hand washer.
I almost, almost hesitated. But I didn’t, thankfully.
I washed my hands thoroughly after we said goodbye.

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