Should Pastors Avoid Certain Movies?

I love movies.
I love the whole theater experience.
I like going to movies and I enjoy watching the trailers for upcoming movies.

I like movies that make give me something deep to think about, that challenges me.

I also love movies that are just popcorn movies. No thinking required, just sit and enjoy.

I’m waiting for my wife to come home from work today so that we can catch a matinee of Harold and Kumar 2. I absolutely loved the first one. I’ve been looking forward to the second one for a while.

One of the best movies I’ve seen in the last couple of months is Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

These two movies aren’t the… “cleanest” and “wholesome” movies. I definitely wouldn’t want any of my jr. highers or early high schoolers to go and be exposed to this.

I like laughing. I like poop humor. And yes, I like raunchy humor too.
But do you think that liking these kinds of movies is a bad thing for pastors?

Would parishioners look at me differently or deem me to be “very young” if they knew I watch these kinds of movies?

I don’t think it’ll stop me from watching these type of movies, but I wouldn’t share it with anyone that I went to see that (if it bothered many people).

I’m also looking forward to the Iron Man movie coming out this Friday.
I am debating to see if I want to go to the midnight showing of the movie on Thursday.

What are your thoughts?

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