• I’m Kind of a Christian

    On Friday, our property manager (who attends one of the biggest churches here in Hawaii) brought a couple who were interested in our apartment. They were Korean also. When they asked why I was moving, Debbie (our property manager) told them that I was a pastor and I got appointed to a church in the… Continue Reading

  • I Was So “Lost”

    Lost is my favorite show. I have watched every single episode since the beginning. The season finale left me floored. Can’t wait until next season. Sort of wondered if Locke sort of parallels Christian…

  • Time Running Out

    Things are coming to an end here. And since I was a local church hire, and not appointed, I had a little more liberty in when my last Sunday was and so forth. A lot of loose ends to tie. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get everything squared away. The good news… Continue Reading

  • A Bit Under the Weather

    I’ve been a little sick. It didn’t help that we had an all boys lock-in at the church. I hate coughing. I hate the headaches. I’m just annoyed. I don’t have a lot to say. The thoughts of moving and making sure everything is in check has been consuming my mind. And I don’t want… Continue Reading

  • What Can You Do?

    DSC_0314 Originally uploaded by itssuperjoey I love my boys. Some of them came early and I asked them to help me out in arranging the fellowship hall for the Coffee House. I asked them to take the chairs out of the fellowship hall and place them to the room next to us. They were finished… Continue Reading

  • Cough, Cough

    And cough and cough. I been doing that a lot this morning. Am worried that I am getting sick. I hate being sick. (Well, duh. Who enjoys being sick?) I also hate taking medicine. (Why can’t they ever taste like real candy?) And I hate going to the hospital. (Always a chance the visit will… Continue Reading