Skipping the Annual Conference

Maybe the title grabbed your attention.
But that’s how I feel. I wish I could forgo it this year. (Though I think it’s highly improbably and probably highly looked down upon.) (Sorry for the parentheses, but highly looked down upon sounds funny).

Contrary to popular belief, I hate attention focused upon me, even for a brief moment.
I hated graduation where my name was called and I walked down the aisle and have people cheering for me.
That’s one reason why I skipped my college graduation.
That’s one reason why I skipped my seminary graduation.

You may be wondering, how I preach on Sundays, since that sort of puts attention on me while standing in front of people. But it’s simple. On Sundays, it’s never about me and I dare not make it about me for I fear the Lord. Besides, Shane Claiborne quoted someone in his book that God used an ass to speak to Balaam and he’s been using asses ever since. I’m an ass.

I am not looking forward to being commissioned. I wish there was a way around it. How terrible would it be if I wasn’t there?

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. A part of me says that I’ll cause more commotion and bring more attention to myself if I were to skip (not that I can or would…). I have no idea what goes on during this time, but I hope it’s quick and painless.

I think I’m a lot more complicated than I need to be.
And. I like being an ass. Interpret that in any way you wish. =)

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