Who’s Crazier?

Another excerpt from Jesus is President:

Two soldiers go to war. One comes back and adjusts well, leaving it all behind. The other comes home with post-traumatic stress syndrome and cannot get the faces of the dead out of his mind. Which of them is crazy?

2 thoughts on “Who’s Crazier?

  1. Joseph – I went to war as a soldier, came home, processed the very difficult experience spiritually and emotionally – and readjusted well. Are you saying I am crazy? Would you actually make this remark to the face of a veteran? If you think a moment, you can probably imagine how most veterans would experience your remarks.

  2. Mitch – I did not say this. I quoted this from the book. However, I think this is what the authors are trying to say: can we really call people who do not readjust well crazy? (which society often does).

    I do not mean to offend you, but I think it’s unfair to call those soldier who cannot adjust to civilian life crazy, or think the answer is to simply send them to a psychologist, therapist, or a mental hospital.

    Perhaps this was rather unthoughtful for me to quote. Maybe it sounds like I am disrespecting our soldiers (which I am not).

    But the quote really made me think about how quick we are to label the veterans who have a hard time adjusting to life after war “crazy.” And it’s not fair to deem them crazy.

    Again, I did not mean to offend, but wanted to share this quote so that it’ll make others think as it made me think.

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