Church Attire

My friend, Andrew, wrote a post replying to an email he received asking about proper church attire.

Working with youth, that has been an issue, especially with what the girls sometimes wear. But I feel that I can’t really approach a young girl and tell her what she wears is inappropriate. That’s what my wife does for me, and a couple of times, she had to pull some girls aside and ask them if they really think it is appropriate to wear something like that.

But having a dress code is not the best solutions.

Thankfully, most of our girls do dress not to distract when they come to church.
In my church, I know that if an adult were to come to service wearing shorts and slippers, they will get funny looks or disapproving stares.

One thought on “Church Attire

  1. I do believe in come as you are until after some time (about three months for the religeously daft). Giving disapproving stares does not always work especially on the daring young women of our society today who dares you to disapprove. It is always best to ask the Lord what to say and do in this situation because a church without young girls is a very boring church, so use wisdom.

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