Running On Empty…

I’ve been running around doing everything I possibly can do to make sure that the transition for both my current church and myself will be as smooth as possible.

But there has been this nagging feeling that I’ve been feeling that I’ve also been ignoring.
And last night, it hit me why I’ve been feeling this way.

It sort of was a combination of reading Adam Hamilton’s post and sort of waking up.
I’ve been reading all these books to help me in ministry and expand my thinking.
I’ve been running around making sure that everything will be taken care of as I move.
I’ve been running around in preparations for our youth events and to think about what I can preach about before I leave.

In doing all this, I forgot to do the most important thing: Spend time with God.
It was a rather embarrassing revelation. I’ve been running on empty and felt a little distant from God. No wonder I was struggling with the little things.
I’ve been reading the bible, but I haven’t really been reading the Bible. It’s just been words that have been registering in my head, but not in my heart.

I don’t understand how easy it really is to lose track of one’s relationship with God.
It’s time to get back on track.

Recently, I was finally able to buy a decent SLR digital camera with the money I have been saving up for months. Photography has been a hobby that I’ve wanted to pursue. (You can see some of the pictures I’ve taken on the Flickr widget on the right). I admit I have no idea how to function the camera. But in taking pictures of things around me, I’m reminded how awesome God really is.
I never realized how beautiful everything around me can be.
I’ve been finding that flowers are the easiest things to take pictures of, but I’m always taken back at how pretty they really are. And how just amazing God’s creation is.

This has been helping me to appreciate and view God’s creation in a new way. And also, when I just walk around with camera in hand, it’s sort of a nice time to spend with God.

I’ve realized the error of my ways for the past few weeks. I’m getting back on track. Opening up the bible, as well as opening up my mind and heart.
And most importantly, I need to find myself on my knees in prayer a lot more often.

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