Question About Your Starbucks

I go to Starbucks. A lot. At least 3 times a week. Starbucks has been my second office, where most of my sermons and bible studies are written.

But, the two Starbucks I visit frequently, they have two things in common: the music is always played rather loudly and it’s always freezing.

Is it like that in all the Starbucks?

4 thoughts on “Question About Your Starbucks

  1. Hi Joseph

    Not all of them, but I’ve had the same experience in a few cafes. The worse was the freezing – it was as if that was their way of either a)getting me out of the store or b)encouraging me to buy more coffee.

    You can always ask them to turn it down – they turn it up so they can hear it and don’t comprehend what it sounds like to the customers. Regarding the temperature, I’ve never asked them to adjust it, figuring I’d probably get some non-committal answer about why it’s set that low.

  2. Thanks Joe.
    The music doesn’t bother me, because I have my iPod on, anyhow.
    But I think the baristas don’t know that it’s that cold because they’re moving around so much and working.

  3. Yes.
    Well no.

    Define freezing. You mean like 32 degrees F? or 65 degrees?
    It depends. If it’s hot, no, if it’s cooler, yes.
    Life is never simple.
    Kinda like coffee at SBUX

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