Avoiding To Become the Larry Brown of UMC

I still don’t understand completely the itinerant system. I guess I don’t understand it completely, because I feel like there are some real big loop holes and the itinerant system isn’t really itinerant.

Anyway, what I want to avoid becoming is someone like a Larry Brown of the NBA. I don’t know for sure, but I think Larry Brown is going to coach his 5th team since 1993.
He doesn’t stay very long at a team. His teams always do well (except for the New York Knicks, maybe).

I don’t want to become restless at one church and then continue to find other churches to go. I don’t want to be one of those pastors who feel like their gifts are only planting churches and rarely sticking around to see how the planted church does. I kind of, sort of, feel that there maybe pastors out there who take advantage of the itinerant system to avoid certain things. But I may be completely off.

I just don’t want to move around so much, because I think that is damaging to the churches and to the pastor her/himself.

Let’s see how long Larry Brown stays in North Carolina. It’s also curious to see if he and MJ will get along.

4 thoughts on “Avoiding To Become the Larry Brown of UMC

  1. Joseph:

    I think I hear what you are saying, and perhaps you have heard the saying that sometimes goes around an annual conference — “Why does (name of pastor) always move every year?” Answer – “Because we don’t have conference twice a year!” I was with 3 churches for 23 years before retirement. Some say that was too long. But God blessed us wonderfully during that time. There’s a lot more story to all of this — another time perhaps.

  2. I don’t think that was too long. In fact, when i was in DC, my senior pastor was there for 20 years, and left the church to be DS.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Joseph! I’ve often thought about the comparison between coaches (NCAA/NBA/etc.) and pastors when it comes to moving. Good thoughts.

  4. Thanks, Matt!

    The Redskins, my beloved team, are a prime example of how teams can be affected by changing coaching staff all the time..

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