Pizza, Pizza!

What ever happened to Little Caesar’s Pizza?
Tuesday, after our weekly prayer meeting (and my last) I took the youth who attended and went to Costco.
At Costco, we ordered 10 pepperoni pizzas.
The 14 of us then took the pizza and headed out to Chinatown.
We split into three groups and headed out to give out pizza to those who were hungry.

I really wanted to see Tom and Reid, but I think we got there a little too early. The businesses are still open, so I don’t think they like those guys to be hanging out in front of their doors while stores are still open.

I originally wanted to do this all by myself. I would feel a little more freedom and wouldn’t have to be too concerned about anyone else. But I also thought it might be nice to bring the small amount of kids and do good. And this isn’t something I’m bragging about, but all this time, we’d use someone else’s money or what not to help others. But this time, the pizzas were out of pocket, because I felt that I needed to something before I left. It wasn’t much. I wish I could throw a real pizza party for everyone in that little area.

When more people get involved, I feel a little more restraint and don’t have the time to sit and chat with some of these guys. But they were really appreciative of warm pizza rather than sandwiches. And I think our kids got something from it too. If there’s one thing I want to them to remember about our time together, it’s that we should always look to help one another out and love our neighbors. And our neighbors are anyone who needs love.

I’m thinking about picking up a box of pizza and a couple of beers for Tom and Reid.

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