The Garden of Last Days

I have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly. Every three issues, Stephen King has a column for the magazine at the end of the issue.
This month he wrote about buzz versus hype. Hype is something you pay for to make happen, with advertisement and so forth. Buzz is just word of mouth and free.

Then he started going on and on about the best book he has read in a long, long time. The rest of the article was dedicated to this book and how he couldn’t stop reading it and you won’t be disappointed, on and on.
I like Stephen King. I think the man is a little weird, only because one can’t be normal and write the great stuff he writes, you know?

So recently, I got a gift card to Borders from someone as a going away gift. I have a bunch of books to read that I bought from, but they’re all church related. And I couldn’t find any other books to buy. And I wanted to buy it here, since sales tax is a lot cheaper than California.

I went over the literature section, and ran into the book that Stephen King gushed about. I remember him writing that once you finished this book, you’ll want to grab someone else and make them read the book.

The book just came out. Hardcover. 25 bucks. (Why are books so expensive?)
I said, what the heck. It’ll be a nice change to read something for entertainment purposes.

If it is as good as Stephen King said it was, I’ll be making sure to have someone else read it too.

If you’re curious, maybe you can go and pick up (or borrow from your library) a copy of The Garden of Last Days.

One thought on “The Garden of Last Days

  1. I saw this post, but I didn’t see where you had reviewed it. What did you think? I just reviewed it on my site and I’d love to hear your comments.

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