Sorry For the Lack of Posts

And expect erratic posts here and there from now until July.

Tomorrow, the movers come. I can’t believe that I’m really leaving Hawaii. It’s something I personally been wanting for about a year, and now that the times is really near, I sort of wish I had more… time.

Then it’s off to the Annual Conference to get commissioned.
Then the family and I are off to Vegas to meet up with my wife who will be staying with her during AC.
After Vegas, we will drive to Oxnard and be there for my dad’s first worship service at Oxnard KUMC on the 29th. And then it’s off to Cosa Mesa on the first of July.

That’s a packed schedule.
Moving takes so much time…

One thought on “Sorry For the Lack of Posts

  1. it’s been awhile since i’ve commented cause i always read blogs on my google reader, but i wanted to say congrats on your new post and moving and all that. also, good luck!

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