My contract is up with T-Mobile and I’m moving.
So, we’re thinking about switching to AT&T. (Not Verizon. I had bad experience with them, and don’t think I’ll be signing up with them any time soon.)

So the wife and I were talking about new phones. She pleaded that I give her a simple phone. She wants a phone for a child that we saw at Wal-Mart a couple years back, where it has like 4 buttons: Emergency, Home, Parent’s work, Parent’s cell.

I’m sort of leaning towards a blackberry. iPhone is a no-go, because I already have an iPod touch, and if I get an iPhone, the iPod might see itself useless.

But I don’t know why I would need a blackberry.
For those of you who have a blackberry or similar, what are some pros and cons?

One thought on “Blackberry

  1. I don’t have a blackberry. But from my understanding they are really useful for business because they have a complete keyboard which is necessary when responding to business emails. So if you don’t see yourself doing a lot of typing it might not be worth the expense. I’m not sure how the browser experience is on the blackberry. I know you said no iphone but look for something like it but without the mp3 stuff. The internet connection with a touch screen makes it pretty useful for on the go.

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