Korean Dramas

I remember in high school, when I used to watch Korean dramas, the cameras would pull away before the actors actually kissed.
Their eyes would be closed, and the heads would be moving closer and before the lips made contact, we would be at the next scene. They always insinuated the kiss happened, but never showed it.

Then things progressed. In college, they started showing kisses more and more.
And now they alluded to sex, but it was never shown, and one would be left to assume that, since they were in the same room all night, there was some sort of relations of the intimate matter. That was about five years ago.

Now, Korean dramas have gotten racier, and I guess it reflects how much of the culture has been changing, especially dealing with sex. The other day, I was channel surfing and landed on a Korean drama entitled “I Love You.”
Two female characters are dealing with pregnancy outside of marriage at a relatively young age (21 and 23). The 23 year old’s partner wants her to get an abortion. And he himself gets a vasectomy.

The whole time I’m watching this in awe, because it wasn’t long ago that all of these things were considered taboo. Pregnancy outside of wedlock, abortions, vasectomies.. that’s a vast change from 10 years ago when characters were never shown locking lips.

It’s really interesting to see how much the culture is changing and how much more open the Korean entertainment is toward sex.
I do, however, miss those days when things were a little more innocent.

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