Koreans Are Funny

Or maybe it’s just my parents.

Last night, I was commissioned as an elder in the Cal-Pac Conference of the United Methodist Church.
Because of certain circumstances, and a lot of it being my fault, we could not work out travel arrangements for my wife to come to the conference.
I didn’t really think twice about it, because the commissioning wasn’t a real big deal for me. Other people were making it far more big of a deal than I ever did or wanted to.
So, since my wife wasn’t there, my dad went up with me as my support person.
It was nice. Got a lot of congratulations from people.

Today, as we were leaving the conference, my parents thought that some of the Korean people there may have had funny thoughts.
They knew that I was married. But yet, my wife wasn’t there to be part of this “big” event. My parents were concerned that people would think that my marriage was in trouble, and that is why my wife was missing from such a “big” ordeal.
So my mom thought she did damage control by telling the people who ask where my wife was by saying that the wife was in Vegas visiting her mother visiting from Korea. (It’s true, my wife is at Vegas, staying with her sister and her younger brother and mother stopped by).

I couldn’t help but laugh. What silliness. =)

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