Thoughts From My First Annual Conference

  • I wish that they could find another place to do the Cal-Pac AC. It’s just too darn hot in Redlands
  • Many of the attendants do not wash their hands after bathroom use. I couldn’t shake that thought out of my head when I had to shake hundreds of hands.
  • I thought it SUCKED that they gave the youth (who I stayed with) a dorm with NO AIR CONDITIONING in weather that gets up to 107 degrees. I heard someone say, “oh, if anyone can handle it, the youth can.” I think that’s a poor excuse, still. Almost made us feel like they didn’t care about us.
  • Something needs to be done about the youth that come to the conference. I don’t think majority of them get anything out of it, but a free trip.
  • Plenary sessions are way too long. Does it really need to be that long?
  • I didn’t like it when the plenary sessions made worship services start late. Or other schedules were pushed back/canceled because of them.
  • I really adore and respect Bishop Swenson.
  • The commissioning and ordaining service felt like I was sitting in graduation today. I think other people around me made a too big of a deal out of me being commissioned. I didn’t think it was THAT big of a deal.
  • Did I mention it was really hot?
  • I am not that happy that I have to do this every year for many years to come.

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