• Interfaith Shelter

    Someone told me about this organization called Interfaith Shelter. The wife and I went down to visit with one of the workers there. We’re going to volunteer, at least, once a week and do whatever is needed. Hopefully, I could get our youth involved in volunteering there. And hopefully, their motive to help will go… Continue Reading

  • John Mayer in Concert

    My brother and I got a chance to see John Mayer live last night. It was an amazing experience. It was worth the 2 hr drive to get to the venue. I strongly recommend that you see him live, if you ever get the chance.

  • Glad That’s Over With

    I’m glad (and thankful) that I got to preach for the first time, and that it’s over with. I’m thankful for the positive comments and feedback that I got. But I’m more thankful that God gave me the words to speak. It’s always uncomfortable, for me, when people come up to me and say things… Continue Reading

  • A Couple Of Days After

    Every moment alone, or a moment to reflect, my mind keeps going back to Nari, our dog. I get to preach for the first time this Sunday. It’s a good thing that most of my preparation is done, and just have to a little tweaking here and there. All day yesterday, I was preoccupied with… Continue Reading

  • Good-bye, My Friend

    Last night, we had to put Nari asleep because of her injuries she sustained in an attack. When my dad was moving to Oxnard, he found out that the church kept two big dogs at the parsonage, which is on the church property. We asked them to get rid of them, because we have our… Continue Reading