Fair or Generous

Would you rather be a leader that is fair or generous?
Would you want your leader to be fair or generous?

I ask this, because I’ve heard many say, “Man, God’s not fair!”
And the truth is, God is not fair.
What if God was fair? Think about that for a moment.
If God was fair, wouldn’t we be judged according to our actions and deeds?
If God was fair, wouldn’t be punished based on our sins?
If God was fair, would grace even exist?

God’s not fair, and I don’t think God will ever be. But instead, God is generous.
Because God is generous, God sent Jesus to redeem us.
Because God is generous, our sins are forgiven.
Because God is generous, we are loved unconditionally.

With that in mind, is it better to be a fair leader or a generous one?

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