Makes You Think


Does this make sense to anyone else?
I saw this at a Christian Book Store in the Christian accessories, and couldn’t stop laughing and shaking my head in disbelief.
Really? A pocket knife with the cross on it?
Is that really… “Christian?”

And, can someone explain to me what the bible verse has to do with a pocket knife?
And what a pocket knife has to do with Christianity?

4 thoughts on “Makes You Think

  1. The only problem I see is that the knife appears to be the usual low gift-shop quality. Put that verse on a Benchmade or Spyderco folder, or a Victorinox or Wenger SAK, and it’d be a great gift.

    Is it Christian? Well, it’s a useful tool that everyone should carry at all times; that sounds something like the Gospel to me.

    Of course, I’m not one of those who thinks all knives are evil; if you’ve fallen into that strange delusion, that might explain your objections.

  2. I am having trouble making the connection between the knife and the particular verse. I agree with Anon1234 that it may be useful to carry a knife, as it is useful to carry the good news. I think that it might have made more sense without the engraved verse on the blade.

  3. anon, I agree that carrying a knife can be useful. But in my demented mind, this is what went through:
    okay, i don’t think that looks like a quality knife. personally, I don’t think many adults would choose to carry THAT knife.
    So, for me, it seems like it’s more for kids, as it was with other things associated with young people.
    so then, i imagined this scenario: ‘mom can i have a knife? why not? it’s church approved! it has a cross on it!’
    lets say that the mom relents. now, i know i was not a normal kid… but a kid with a knife… never really leads to any good…

    so because i felt that this may be more aimed toward our young ones, i just found it… funny and i guess ironic. but then again, i’m weird. does that make sense?

    andrew, i still don’t see what the verse has to do with the knife. they could’ve found other verses to go along with that, or go with your option: no verse at all.

  4. Can you imagine anything worse than Jesus being nailed to a cross to die for the sins of humanity forever? Well, he was. I think in this perversed world we live in that any recognition to that fact no matter how its displayed is vital. Its the message that is so very important. If only one individual decides to purchase an item that may allow them to come to Christ, think of Christ, or to be more like Christ, then please put that on the market and make that available.

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