Put Away the iPod

I’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend amongst people. Well, I guess it’s not disturbing, but more saddening.
I learn to tolerate the people who leave the bluetooth ear piece on all day. I tolerate because I’m afraid that I may become THAT GUY. Especially since California is enforcing the hands free driving law. That means no cell phones (unless using hands free set) whilst driving.

Anyway, when I see kids in the car, whether they’re sitting in the back, or sitting shotgun, a lot of them have their iPod earphones in the ear and kind of stare out the window with a blank stare. That I can understand. Car rides are boring. Mom never wants to listen to the music I want to listen to on the radio. That’s okay.

But more and more, I see kids with their iPods on at a restaurant while eating dinner. Not only kids, I went to Todais and there was this guy around my age, listening to his father talk to them during lunch, and the dude still had his iPod earphone in one of his ear.

Has it become that hard to interact with people?
I saw a couple walking together at the mall. They both had their own iPods in one of their ears. What’s the point of going shopping together?

Do we need music playing in our ear constantly?

Are we as people becoming less and less interactive with one another as technology continues to advance?
I don’t know if you’ve seen Wall-E, but I think it is very possible that humans can become like the way they’ve been portrayed. And that’s sad.
(Totally off the subject, but are there no more minorities 700 years into the future? Why were everyone is space and in the future white? Tsk, tsk Disney and Pixar)

3 thoughts on “Put Away the iPod

  1. on subject: yes, we are becoming more disassociated as we develop more technology. i know kids who don’t answer their cell phones now but will respond to txt message. annoying! the ipod stuff is just another thing, just wait, someone will develop a music chip that fits into your head or ear like a small hearing aid and you can have your music all the time everywhere and no one will even know you are not ignoring them for the top 40.. they will just think you are an a-hole.

    hadn’t seen wall-e yet, but that is kinda bad form. but it’s been played out in just about every sci-fi i can think of.

  2. Wall-E is a good movie though. I liked it.
    Even in the future, the Man holds us down… or gets rid of us altogether. kidding.

    But Wall-E did not disappoint, movie wise.

  3. Probably because there isn’t any Sun light in the space..haha..
    We started this thing in our ministry. No ipod if someone is around you.
    It is a great device, but it does distract us from building connection.

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