DeLisha Milton-Jones and Her Husband (And Moving On)

Three years ago, my wife was rear ended by a man, Roland Jones. He gave her his phone number, insurance policy number, which all turned out to be false. But he did say this, that his wife was DeLisha Milton-Jones and that she plays for the Mystics, a WNBA team in DC.
When we took it in for an estimate, the guy said that the damages to the car is more than the car is worth.
I don’t know how we did it, but we eventually got in contact with them through email. And they promised that they were going to do what’s right and they were trying to contact their insurance and so forth. The husband made a mistake of giving the wrong number, because it was one of those ‘on the go’ phones.
So, we took them for their word. Until nothing happened. So we contacted them again, and they said that they’re trying the best. It was more difficult because they were heading out of the country for basketball.
At this point, one of the church members, a lawyer, decide to help us. So he contacted them and emailed them. And eventually, they never contacted us or the lawyer again. And we decided that to just forget and move on.

But it really messed us up, because now the wife didn’t have a car.

Yesterday, the cable guy came in to install our cable and Internet. We were flipping through the channels, when I jokingly said that I wanted to watch the WNBA game. (If I watched a little longer, I would’ve seen the melee). When we turned to the channel, the announcer said, “now checking in for the Sparks is Delisha Milton-Jones.”

It was kind of funny, because we both ended up in Southern California after three years.
So I wrote them an email and a letter.
I just asked them to do the right thing in their hearts.
If the right thing is to give us whatever they can for the accident, I will be grateful.
If the right thing is to just give us an explanation of why they blew us off and why they kept misleading us (whether it was intentional or not), I will be grateful.
If the right thing for them is to continue to ignore me, then let them take it up with God, since she claimed that we can trust her because she is “a woman of God.”

In the letter, I told them that I think I may have found them, not to ask for reparations, but not only forget and move on, but to actually forgive and move on. The truth is, once in a while, the accident and all the aftermath would come into mind and just leave a dirty taste in my mouth. I would still be a little resentful and angry that it never got settled and we just got blown off.

But now, I think it’s time to not forget and move on, but forgive and move on.
That is worth more than any monetary reparations I can receive from them.

One thought on “DeLisha Milton-Jones and Her Husband (And Moving On)

  1. I did not know the accident was with the husband of a professional athlete!! Wow. I really don’t know what to say other than that if there was no incident then it would have been very very funny.

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