Good-bye, My Friend

Last night, we had to put Nari asleep because of her injuries she sustained in an attack.
When my dad was moving to Oxnard, he found out that the church kept two big dogs at the parsonage, which is on the church property. We asked them to get rid of them, because we have our own small dog. But they didn’t want to. It’s stupid. They want the dog around, but no one wants to take care of it, so they just leave at the parsonage so the pastor can.

Well, yesterday, the inevitable happened. Nari took advantage of a crack in the door and ran out to fight the bigger dogs. She was a fighter. She lost sight in one of her eyes in Hawaii because she tried to fight a dog bigger than her.

I got the call from my mom, and my brother and I drove down to Oxnard.
It just didn’t look good. We didn’t know if she would survive. And if she did, we didn’t know if she’d ever be the same. So, we said our final goodbyes and thank yous to her and put her to sleep.

It’s really like losing a close friend of mine. My parents got the dog to sort of replace me when I left for seminary.
And she was getting old, but I wish she left in a more comforting way. Hopefully now, the church will do something about those dogs, because I know that my mom won’t even be able to look at them anymore.

It’s really heart-breaking. Every time I visit my parents, she’d come up running towards me and just couldn’t contain herself. She tried to constantly lick my wife’s face, which she would constantly try to push away.
It’s just going to feel empty going to visit my parents, and not have her come up to us anymore.

She brought joy into our lives, and for that we are grateful.
My mom said maybe we should’ve just left Nari in Hawaii, maybe she’d still be alive. And I told her, if we left her in Hawaii, she would’ve died out of sadness, loneliness and a broken-heart. At least she was with her family.

I can’t really believe how sad I really am. I used to think it was silly when pet owners got attached to their pets. But man, she was part of our family. And we all miss her very much.

5 thoughts on “Good-bye, My Friend

  1. So sorry for this loss, Joseph. The whole situation with the other dogs sounds sad to me… doesn’t sound like they, or your family, have been treated fairly by the church.

    May your good memories of Nari and the joy she added to your life be a comfort to you.

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