Glad That’s Over With

I’m glad (and thankful) that I got to preach for the first time, and that it’s over with.
I’m thankful for the positive comments and feedback that I got. But I’m more thankful that God gave me the words to speak.

It’s always uncomfortable, for me, when people come up to me and say things like, I really enjoyed your message and so forth. Because, it wasn’t me. And I struggle with that all the time. Sometimes, I struggle in remembering that this isn’t about me. And it never will be.

I admit, I was pretty nervous when Sunday was approaching, because I never preached in front of adults (minus one Easter Sunday). And I felt pressure from within myself that this has to be a good sermon, it’s my first. But then I started to rethink my approach. Who cares how I do? Why does it matter that it has to be good? It’s not about me. Why am I so nervous? Because I want to do good? For who?
And when I finally got it in my head that it’s not about me. I felt at ease.

I think life is just easier when I remind myself that it’s never really about me.
But reminding myself that, there lies the struggle.

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