• Would We Recognize Jesus Today?

    For some reason, while I was reading at Starbucks, this question came to mind. If Jesus walked on this earth today, would we recognize him? Would we give him a better welcoming than those 2000 or so years ago? And, I concluded that, sadly, I believe that history would repeat himself. (Though I don’t know… Continue Reading

  • Why Is It Okay To Make Fun of Asians?

    Here. Here Here. And then there was a philly cheese steak restaurant in Philadelphia that was named “Chink” because it was the owner’s nickname. He got the nickname because his friends teased him for having small eyes. Then there was Abercrombie and Fitch who made a shirt with Chinese people doing laundry and the shirt… Continue Reading

  • What Do You Do For Visitors/New Comers?

    What does your church do for visitors and/or new comers? Do you make them stand and be introduced to the entire congregation? Does the pastor greet them after the service? Do they receive a welcome gift? Are they contacted by mail or phone call in the middle of the week? And what about people who… Continue Reading

  • The Importance of Follow-Ups

    About 6 months ago, I switched my car insurance from State Farm to Allstate. No particular reason. We had State Farm since we’ve been living in the US. And Allstate’s premium was cheaper. So why not? We moved to Orange County, and found an Allstate agent and he told me to come back around mid-August… Continue Reading

  • Friend from Seminary

    Today, a friend from seminary and his family is coming to visit California. They’re going to make a stop at Orange County to hang out with us. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them. Last time I saw them, their son was a newborn. Now he’s almost 2, I think. I want to annoy… Continue Reading

  • Redeem Team

    It’s 134am pst. I just watched the USA win the gold medal in basketball. What a good, good game. It was great to watch. Literally had me at the edge of our couch the entire game. As one of the announcers said, one of the beauty of sports is seeing multi-millionaires act like little boys.… Continue Reading

  • Inappropriate? … oops…?

    So this past Sunday, my senior pastor had a non-medical family emergency. He had to fill in for his wife’s (who is also an ordained elder) church and I had to fill in for him at our church. I found out on Saturday afternoon that I would need to preach. It’s all good. I remember… Continue Reading