Brett Favre, a New York Jet

I was responding to Kevin‘s comment, than realized, it was such a long comment, I should just post it.

I learned that the Packers made the Jets sign an agreement that they cannot pursue a trade with the Vikings. If they trade Favre to the Vikings, the Jets will have to give up 3 first round picks.

But no mention of what would happen if they happen to trade Favre to the Bears. Or even the Lions. However, I don’t think the Jets would do that.

I don’t think this is what Favre wanted. He puts himself in a worse position in making the playoffs. The AFC is a much stronger conference, and he is in the same division with the almighty Patriots and Brady. The best the Jets can do is make the wildcard, assuming that the Patriots are going to own the division.
But the competition in the other division is crazy.

AFC South: The Colts will probably win the division. But the Titans and the Jaguars can make a run for the wildcard.

AFC North: Steelers, Browns, Ravens, Bengals: all of them have a chance to make the playoffs. Well, maybe not the Ravens

AFC West: Maybe Broncos make a run at the wild card. Or even Chiefs.

So, after this whole drama between the Packers and Favre, it seems like, in the end, the Packers emerge with the victory.

With all this said, I think the toughest division in any sport is the NFC East. I know in the last 2 seasons, 3 of the 4 made the playoffs. I feel like my ‘Skins are the longshot in the division, but we look pretty good. I think we can surprise many people.

Back to work.

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