Goals In Life

I think we all make certain goals that we wish we could accomplish in life before we die.
I think many have the goal “to write a book” as one of theirs. I know it’s one of mine.
Recently, I tried to read a book that I bought. Heavy emphasis on tried. I just couldn’t get through it.
I felt I was wasting my time (and ultimately, my money) and had to just stop reading. It was one of those moments where I felt like I could’ve done a better job. In reality, probably not. But in my mind, I felt that I could better relate the coffee house experience to the faith experience.

I think this makes me want to pursue the goal “to write a book” even more.
Though, I have no idea where to begin, what to write, and who the heck would want to listen to me?

But it’s a goal.

So was winning the Super Bowl. That’s never going to happen. I had to downgrade it to attending a Super Bowl. Which probably won’t happen, either.

2 thoughts on “Goals In Life

  1. Wanna sponsor me?
    It’s the price of the tickets that are keeping me from going. =)

    I was reading the Gospel According to Starbucks. And it just didn’t do for me. Leonard Sweet has great books out there, but this one, for some reason, just didn’t speak to me. And I couldn’t read it anymore.

    Maybe if I tried to read it now, it would be different. But I don’t feel like it. haha.

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