How Do You Talk To Strangers?

I have the hardest time talking to people, in general.
What are some ways to get over that?

Like, I go to coffee houses a lot. There are a lot of interesting people there and people reading a lot of interesting things. And these strangers, they can impart valuable insight and wisdom on my faith, especially if I get an outsiders opinion.

But I’m stuck in the confines of my own head and my corner of the coffee shop.

2 thoughts on “How Do You Talk To Strangers?

  1. Joseph – I hear you friend. It is not always an easy thing. I am not sure if it is better if I have an “ask” for which I am contacting them or if it is easier to just strike up a conversation. What has worked for me the times that I have done is to just go for it and say “hello.”

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