The First To Go

Is it just really me?

But when things get busier and/or more stressful, why is it that my devotional time of prayer and reading scriptures the first thing that goes off my to-do list?
It’s not like I intentionally say, okay, things are too busy, I’m not going to spend time in prayer and meditation. Heck, I think it’ll be better if I did intentionally skip over it, instead of just forgetting, or having it slip from my mind.

I’ve been reading my previous entries in my journal that I’ve been keeping since 2005. A lot of my entries have to do with me lacking discipline. 3 years later, I still struggle with the same things.

One thought on “The First To Go

  1. Nope. Not just you at all… and I find it goes especially during intense spiritual times. Like our church right now is really on the move, getting out into the community, and it’s not necessarily adding any extra demands on my time. However, with a change in direction naturally comes opposition, not just human either (Eph. 6:12). That, coupled with lack of spiritual discipline, is not a good thing. Thank God for grace and the chance again to get back on the horse!

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