A Bad Move?

Recently, a woman came to my office telling me about her friend’s son, who hasn’t been to church for a long time. I assumed that she was talking about a youth and wanted me to contact the kid or something. But turns out the son is 50 years old. Actually, it’ll still been cool if he came out to the youth things.

Anyway, he and his girlfriend (who was raised a Catholic) found a Lutheran church that they liked (he was raised a Lutheran).
They really liked the church and liked the Bible study that the pastor held. He was enjoying the church experience.
Well, somehow, during the Bible study, I guess word got out that he and his girlfriend were living together.
After a Bible Study class, the pastor took aside the man and told him that living with his girlfriend was wrong. The pastor then proceeded to tell him that he can’t come to the Bible study and he can’t partake into communion, until he and his girlfriend decides to marry. But he can still come and worship on Sunday mornings.

The man was deeply embarassed. But to his credit, he hasn’t closed the door on churches, and are looking for a new church. The girlfriend wants to attend a Catholic church.

But, wouldn’t there be better ways to handle this situation?

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