Inappropriate? … oops…?

So this past Sunday, my senior pastor had a non-medical family emergency. He had to fill in for his wife’s (who is also an ordained elder) church and I had to fill in for him at our church. I found out on Saturday afternoon that I would need to preach. It’s all good. I remember Dr. McCain, my preaching professor, always telling us in his booming voice: “as a preacher, you have to be ready to preach, pray or die at a moment’s notice.” Fair enough.

I decided to preach about David and Bathsheba. To remind our members that the Bible is filled with stories that didn’t just happened, but are happening in our lives today. Who doesn’t struggle with temptation?
And I personally love this story, because it makes David, “the man after God’s heart”, much more relatable.

So, I get to the part where Bathsheba sends David a letter telling him that she’s pregnant.

And I said: “Oh crap! I’m screwed!” Because, that’s how I like to think David responded.
I also think I said “crap” when David told Uriah to go home and be with his wife, and Uriah refused.

Well, a couple of people came up to me and told me they really enjoyed the fact that I said “crap” in my sermon. I honestly didn’t know I said it until I reflected back.

But that got me to thinking, if some liked the fact that I said “crap,” I think it may be safe to assume that there were others who disapproved and thought it was inappropriate.

In college, I got blasted in my papers from a professor who said that I write like how I speak, and how I speak is incorrect.
I think that sort of relates to my preaching. I can’t take me out of me when I preach…

But maybe I should be more careful of the things I say…

But c’mon. Don’t you think David said something in the likes of “crap” in Hebrew? Or maybe he uttered an expletive. ooooooh!

…. does anyone know how to say any expletives in Hebrew….?

4 thoughts on “Inappropriate? … oops…?

  1. I talked about Dawgs, dogs and bitches. As my preaching prof told me, preach what is saving you each week. That means preaching what you know, and in the way that makes sense to you, even if it means using vernacular and speech patterns that don’t make perfect sense to the English teachers in your congregation.

  2. I would be more worried about “I’m screwed” than “Oh, crap.”

    But seriously, take a look at Paul – specifically Philippians 3:8 and the Greek word skubalon. “I regard them as crap.”

    There’s good biblical precedent there, my friend!

  3. There is no excuse to use such language. There is no place for such language in the pulpit or in the speech of a Methodist minister. The issue is not what a professor thinks. Nor is is what church members think. The issue is that such language is simply crude, coarse and without any merit. There will always be instances in which one is called upon to bring an impromptu message. Keeping in mind one or two ideas to which you have already given serious attention will allow one to make a better choice of words and do a better job of presenting that message. In the pulpit or on the street for any pastor to use such language as described in the above post and responses is completely unacceptable.

  4. David, heh, I don’t think I could use the word ‘bitch’ anywhere in my church… and I think if i said ‘dawg’ everyone would think i was talking about dogs.

    Will, thanks for pointing that out.

    Earl, Will said that Paul said crap. Anyway, I understand and totally get where you’re coming from. So I guess you would be the wrong person to ask for curse words in Hebrew, huh?

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