The Importance of Follow-Ups

About 6 months ago, I switched my car insurance from State Farm to Allstate.
No particular reason. We had State Farm since we’ve been living in the US. And Allstate’s premium was cheaper. So why not?

We moved to Orange County, and found an Allstate agent and he told me to come back around mid-August to talk about changing plans or what not and to pay for the following months.

So last week, I called to see when I can stop by the office. The guy who answered the phone said he’ll ask the agent and call me back within an hour. Well, two days later, I no longer have insurance, and no phone call. I could’ve called back, but decided I didn’t want to.

So we decided to try Progressive, but on the way to their office, there was a State Farm office. So I figured, why not?
So we went there, and immediately was greeted with a warm welcome. Something that was missing from Allstate. We talked, and their plan was about the same as Allstate. They were really nice and patient with me. The lady that was helping had to go to her daughter’s doctor’s appointment at 3pm and when we were done, it was 230. But she never let me feel she was in a hurry (though I bet she was and took time answering all my questions.

And then yesterday, I get a letter from the agent’s office. I opened up it, and it was a card with a gift certificate to Starbucks and a thank you for signing up with them.
It was a really nice gesture and made me really glad that I went with State Farm.

Why am I telling you this?
Because I think I can apply a lot of this into ministry.
I’m horrible at follow-ups, unless I visited someone who was sick.
The smallest gestures go a long, long way. Like, calling a new comer after their first Sunday, and just welcoming them to the church. Or writing a personal letter to them.
Or calling someone if they missed church.

I think I really need to start getting better doing my follow-ups and stuff.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Follow-Ups

  1. Joseph – We also have insurance with State Farm and haven’t really looked at anyone else as a result of the personal service. It really does make a difference. Follow up is key, but not always easy.

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