What Do You Do For Visitors/New Comers?

What does your church do for visitors and/or new comers?
Do you make them stand and be introduced to the entire congregation?
Does the pastor greet them after the service?
Do they receive a welcome gift? Are they contacted by mail or phone call in the middle of the week?

And what about people who missed services? Does the church make calls to check up on them?

One thought on “What Do You Do For Visitors/New Comers?

  1. our pastor asks for some recognition by raising hands in service, then just greets them, but no standing up. after the service he may or may not get to them, he hopes that the church members greet them. they get some cookies, or homemade bread from our hospitality team of folks, plus a coffee mug that is jammed with our information materials.

    we keep folks, but i don’t know if that is the reason why. i asked a new couple of they wanted to go to lunch with us one time and they already had been asked. so that is cool on our church peeps part.

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