Why Is It Okay To Make Fun of Asians?



And then there was a philly cheese steak restaurant in Philadelphia that was named “Chink” because it was the owner’s nickname. He got the nickname because his friends teased him for having small eyes.

Then there was Abercrombie and Fitch who made a shirt with Chinese people doing laundry and the shirt saying “Two Wongs Make it White!”

So why is it seemingly okay for people to be offensive towards Asian?
Is it because they think we’ll be passive enough not to protest?

I mean no major publication or TV shows (like Today) will have a picture of an African-American eating fried chicken and watermelon with the person saying “mmmmm, finger licking good!” No one would touch that.

No major media source would touch lampooning illegal immigrants crossing the border or swimming the Gulf of Mexico.

So why is it okay to mock Asians, and when people protest, be shocked that it offended people (a la the Spanish Basketball team)?

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