• Guest Speakers

    I get to preach to a youth group this Friday night in Fullerton. I’m looking forward to it. I think I’m going to give a short testimony mixed in with the story of Moses and his call. One of the things I really do love is going to other churches and preaching to them. I… Continue Reading

  • NYWC

    Next Friday, we’re flying up to Sacramento to attend Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention. This is, I believe my 5th time attending this event. I am looking forward to it. It’s just a nice time for me to get away from church. I always come away learning a lot and just being re-energized. And… Continue Reading

  • 3 And 1

    That is the record of the Redskins after they beat the Cowboys today. I just wanted to say to my friend, Kevin Watson, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! =) My wife was not happy. I tried my best not to gloat.

  • 20 Day Fast

    Earlier this year, I posted this: Yes, Lord. Then that was followed by this. I came here and realized I had a long road ahead of me with the youth ministry here. I felt a little desperate and lost. Didn’t know where to begin, or how to begin. And on top of all that whirlwind,… Continue Reading

  • Wanting Control

    I think one of the hardest parts about faith is handing the controls of our lives to God. It’s difficult, even if you’re not a control freak, to not be in the driver’s seat. Drivers make the worst passengers. When we drivers are forced to sit in the passenger seat, we tend to get easily… Continue Reading

  • The Never Ending Struggle

    My wife and I bought our first car together. We needed to. Our Hyundai needed a belt on the engine to be replaced. It was going to cost around 1200 dollars, and we figured, why put money into that car. So finally, we drove away last Thursday in a 2008 Honda Accord LXP. On the… Continue Reading

  • In Which They Stole My Heart

    Yesterday, we dedicated our Sunday school teachers and also gave Bibles to the 3rd graders. I did the presentations of the Bibles. And before I went to my sit, the senior pastor said that the Sunday school has a surprise for me. A Sunday school teacher then stood up and said that the Sunday school… Continue Reading