The Faith of a Son

Last week, a good friend of ours from seminary came to visit us. Last time I saw them, they just had their first son.
This time around, the son was almost 2 and they were expecting a second one.

It was real fun hanging out with them.
Their boy was rowdy, rambunctious and just adorable.
But I admit, I was on the edge a little every time he ran around. Simply put, the boy had no fear.
He’d climb up our stairs without thinking twice. Tried to lift things that are much bigger (and heavier) than he was.

His mother shared with us that when they go swimming, he just jumps right into the pool. And refuses his father’s help in the pool.
They stopped by a beach in San Diego, and he just ran into the ocean while the parents were probably running after him.

The boy has no fear. Which, I’m sure gives his mom minor heart attacks here and there.

He’s probably like that because he has awesome parents who love him and care for him greatly.
Maybe he’s not consciously aware of this, but we all know that whatever he does or gets himself into, that Dad and Mom are going to be right there to help him, to pick him up or to kiss the occasional boo-boos.
If he jumps in the pool, Dad’s going to be right behind him, whether Dad is wearing swimwear or a suit.
Because of this, he can take risks that probably scares the bejesus out of the parents, but he has no worries. Mom and Dad are there!

Now, if I can only translate that into my spiritual life and my faith.
I know that God is always going to be there to help me up, to pick me up or to even kiss the occasional boo-boos.
But at times, that’s not enough for me, or for us, is it?
We still are often afraid to take that jump because of many reasons. The knowledge of God’s presence is, sometimes, not enough when faced with obstacles and barriers that we can physically see or feel. So we often end up playing the safe. Or taking the wider, more traveled road.
The thing is, knowing God is right there should be more than enough that I can jump into my proverbial pool and not worry about drowning. Because God won’t let me drown.

Spending a couple of days with our friends from DC made me reexamine what it means to have a ‘child-like’ faith.

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