The Worries of a Father

We want babies.
My wife’s parents are more traditional, they want us to have a boy.
I want to have a girl. I think my parents want a granddaughter, and so does my wife.

But I know that if I had a boy and a girl, they will be treated far differently.
In fact, I would be very happy if my daughter decides to become a nun.

On the way to church, I listen to Colin Cowherd. Today, he was talking about how his daughter is going into third grade and how there already is drama. He mentioned that it’s different with his son.
And then he said something that made me laugh really hard, and I completely agreed with him.
He said that it’s more stressful raising a daughter because:
“With my son, I only have to worry about one wiener. With my daughter, I have to worry about millions of wieners.”

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