Come and See

Since I’ve arrived at Mesa Verde, there has been talks to “attract” younger people to our church.
A member of the church approached me and told me he had a passion to start a ministry for the college/young adults in our area. This was probably within the first month.
We’ve been talking back and forth about what to do, and try to meet with the SPRC to see what we can do.

Yesterday was the first meeting that welcomed anyone to help discuss what can be done for this ministry.
It was myself, my wife and 2 other members.
And basically, I said, I can’t wait for the church for anything. So, let’s set a date.

So starting November 2, we’ll be having an “alternative” worship service at 230p. My ultimate goal is to have this service be open to anyone and everyone who wants to come, and then have specific small groups to address the needs of our members.

Now we’re trying to get the word out in the community. I never felt comfortable with “marketing” or “advertising” the church, but felt that this time, it might be necessary. Any suggestions on what we can do?

Starting next week, I think we’ll be announcing it as “Come and See.”
As in, come and check us out, and hopefully we can provide you a place where you can be challenged by the Gospel and challenged to love God, love others and to serve.

Hopefully, I’m not in over my head… =)

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