New Sermon Series

So, I’ve been working on what to preach about when our alternative services begin. And I wanted anyone who comes across this post to give me input, ideas, criticisms, anything to help me move along…

I felt that if I was in the community and heard of this new worship opportunity, I think I’d say, ‘another church?!?’

But we don’t want to be just another church.

So after prayer and reading the Bible, this is what came to mind:

  1. What is a Church? Is. 61:1-2a
    Jesus stated his mission in Isaiah 61:1-2a. If that’s what Jesus was going to do, I think it’ll be a good thing for us to do the same, no? And to borrow from Rick Warren, simply put, church is not about you or me
  2. Back to Square One Lk. 2:43-45
    I have a problem in that when things start picking up, I keep on moving, not realizing that I left Jesus behind. He gets lost in my ambitions, in my busy work and even in my good intentions. I think a lot of churches sometimes lose sight of what their purpose is and forget their true first love. This is a call for myself and for everyone to go back to the beginning and rediscover Jesus and their life in him.
  3. The Whole Church
    Some people love themselves, and are quite content with that. Some people love themselves and love others. And they think that it is enough for a good fulfilling life. But to be whole, we need to love God with all our hearts, minds, body and soul and to love others as we love ourselves. This goes along with our mission statement: to love God, to love others and to serve.
  4. Generosity (Thanksgiving Sunday)
    Why do we give offerings and tithes?
  5. Now What? (Advent Sunday)
    Being disciples and changing the world around us from the inside out.

So, any advice, suggestions, critiques, … help?

One thought on “New Sermon Series

  1. Looks good to me. I think sharing in the opening weeks about the kind of vision there is for this church will be key, without tearing down how other churchs do things.

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