Do you think it is better to make announcements in the beginning of the worship or in the end of the worship?

Or does your church not do announcements at all, but have them on websites or bulletins?

4 thoughts on “Announcements

  1. That is a great question. At the beginning, sometimes people are still coming in and it is not the most invitational start to worship. At the end, people may sneak out early (if the sanctuary space is big) and not pay attention.

    The announcements that are spoken in the service are also the ones that are in the bulletin, repetitive and hopefully getting the message across, but who knows…

    I would like to do no announcements as a part of worship, but I’m not sure how far away that would be here.

  2. Andrew, what would happen if there were no announcements at all in the worship service? do you think people would be upset? Or people wouldn’t even notice? (well those who need the announcements made might notice and be upset, but what about the rest?)

  3. I don’t know that it really makes any difference. People don’t listen to the announcements when they are made and they don’t read them in the bulletin and newsletter.

  4. Why do we think that announcements are somehow not spiritual? Doesn’t Paul take time to describe what he and other disciples are doing in his letters? Why not do the announcements as an intrinsic ACT of worship?

    In western Christianity we have separated the “spiritual” from the everyday and we tend to categorize every activity in one or the other category. This dichotomy did not exist in the early church. Everything they did was for God and to God and thus “worship.”

    Maybe we need to re-educate our people to see these activities and opportunities as part and parcel of our worship life as a congregation.

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